Gardening in the Desert

Gardening in the desert can be tricky but it is possible to garden all year round in our dry Tucson/Southern AZ environment. You can do it!

Here are my Quick Guides to help you get comfortable gardening in the desert:

**Planting Guide and Gardening Basics - Purchase Here

**Plant by Plant Growing Guide - Purchase Here

All about Flowers - Coming Soon

All About Seeds - Coming Soon

Aloe vera - How to ID and Use - Purchase Here

Best Practices - Coming Soon

Irrigation Basics - Coming Soon

Raising Chicken in the Desert - Purchase Here

Weeds and other Volunteers - Purchase Here

**Indicates the most important and extensive guides for learning to garden in the desert.

Seeds I have available by donation: Legally I cannot sell these since I don't do germination testing, so this will be by donation. I am taking Venmo donations to @TheGlassDesert and I appreciate your support/interest. Rest assured, these are the seeds I plant in my garden and they are viable, organic seeds. I put in a lot of time and effort monitoring plants, harvesting, cleaning, and packing seeds. They are all in limited quantities so it's first come, first served. Suggested donation is $2-4 per packet. Contact me with your order and we will work out details for curbside pickup.

Here’s the list of what’s available as of 4/27/20.


For planting now and with monsoons (in no particular order):

Benne white sesame
Tohono O'odham yellow meated watermelon
Star of David Okra
Bath Loofah
Ojo Caliente melon
Kaho watermelon (small Japanese variety)
Charentais melon
Taiyo sunflower
Blue mistflower (flowery shrub)

For planting in the fall:
Red round turnip
Little marvel pea
Beet mix
Chinese garlic chives
Red snapdragon vine
Calendula mix
Cat grass mix
Love in a Mist: blue OR red mixes

Poppies x5 varieties
Dara ornamental carrot (a beauty)
Black Magic Bachelor buttons
Desert marigolds

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