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Desert Gardening / Doing Your Part for the Planet

Some gorgeous garden pictures to brighte

Gardening in the desert can be tricky but it is possible to garden all year round in our dry Tucson/Southern AZ environment. You can do it! Here are some Quick Guides I wrote to help you get comfortable gardening in the desert:

**Planting Guide and Gardening Basics - Purchase Here

**Plant by Plant Growing Guide - Purchase Here

Aloe vera - How to ID and Use - Purchase Here

Raising Chicken in the Desert - Purchase Here

Weeds and other Volunteers - Purchase Here

**Indicates the most important and extensive guides for learning to garden in the desert.

Seeds I have available by donation: Legally I cannot sell these since I don't do germination testing, so this is be by donation. I take Venmo donations to @TheGlassDesert. Rest assured, these are viable seeds, as they are the ones I save and plant in my garden. These are all in limited quantities. Suggested donation is $2-4 per packet. Message me with your order and to arrange curbside pickup.

Available as of 2020.

For fall planting:
Red round turnip
Little marvel pea

Butterhead Lettuce

Magdalena Acelgas (Chard)
Beet mix
Calendula mix
Love in a Mist: blue OR red mixes

Poppies: red OR purple OR mix 
Dara ornamental carrot

Do Your Part

The Glass Desert prides itself on creating high quality, low environmental impact art, focusing on reducing, reusing, and recycling wherever possible. We wholeheartedly believe in eco-minded, sustainable living, and that each one of us can do our part to save our planet. By shopping with TGD, you are supporting an eco-conscious,  woman owned, small business!


At The Glass Desert, we use mostly repurposed glass, upcycled cups and mugs, and recycled packaging. Even the strings that go around each potted cactus are the repurposed backings from copper foil rolls. We support such businesses as Green Earth Supplies (Etsy here) that offers recycled paper products at reasonable prices. They even plant a tree with every order! 

Do your part!

Here are some ideas for living a sustainable life that you can bring into your everyday life:

- stop using single use plastic water bottles and straws! Bring your own metal water bottle and use metal straws. Find them on Amazon, Etsy, or Groupon for cheap. 

- refuse plastic bags and use reusable ones instead. These are super cute! 

- turn off the water while you brush your teeth or do dishes.

- eat local! Less energy goes into food that comes from closer to you. Shop at some of your great local Farmers Markets like Heirloom or Santa Cruz River market here in Tucson. 

- idle your car less - turn it off when you're parked.

- plant a garden! Even a windowsill herb garden makes a difference.

- get a Nest thermostat to regulate your heating and cooling usage. Rebates available.

- install a rain water harvesting cistern and use the rain to water your garden.

- purchase with consciousness - consider this: will it bring you joy or improve your life?

- use your imagination and go for the idiom: Reduce, Reuse, Refuse, and Recycle!

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