Citrus Slices

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I love this piece so much that I made one just for myself too. So, in earnest there are 2 of these pieces that exist but only one available for purchase. This is a small but mighty citrus piece featuring a lime, lemon, orange, and blood orange. This piece has a lot of character and a lot of individual pieces of glass (35 to be exact). That's a lot of cutting for such a size, but so worth it. This citrus slices hanging will look best in a window so it's true colors can shine bright. These colors are just stunning and you'll want to look at them all the time. Sure to put a smile on your face.
Item measures 5" tall x 7" wide, irregular shape. Dimensions do not include the length of the chain.
Made with colored sheet glass, copper foil, leaded solder, and silver jack chain.
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