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Monarch on Pink Rose

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I morphed the pink rose - that I made TWO years ago for a Valentine's Day Collection - into this beauty and couldn't be happier with it.

The monarch is composed of a lovely, textured orange glass painted with black and white glass paints. The rose is composed of several different pinks, blushes, iridescent glass, all smooth, mostly semi-opaque (some light transmission will "glow"). The leaves are all transparent glass, some textured, some smooth. Hangs from silver chain from a single point. Great for any room in the house, perfect for a window/sill where its colors can shine through. Or great on a wall since the flower is mostly opaque.

Item measures 10" tall x 9" wide, irregular shape. Dimensions do not include the length of the chain.
Made with colored sheet glass, copper foil, leaded solder, glass paints, and silver jack chain.

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