Rainbow Round the Sun

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This big a$$ piece was born out of a piece that didn't sell. I had made a few sun/rays incense holders that didn't move and I had this vision to turn them both into bigger, more elaborate works. And I'm so happy that I did. This is one of the largest pieces I have made since I worked at the Sonoran Glass School (I left there in 2012) and it really felt good to push myself.

This piece is grounded in a bright yellow sun with bright yellow and pale yellow sun rays. From it, an expansive rainbow flows to create the piece's circular shape. Each color is transparent and vibrant - you really need to showcase this piece in a central window so the room will be basked in color. Every arc of the rainbow is composed of several pieces - all the way from red down to magenta pink. From the bottom of the piece hangs a vintage German resin drop finishing off this beauty. It hangs from 2 points with silver jack chain. Hang from a sturdy nail.

Measures 13" tall by 10.5" wide - irregular shape. Does not include length of chain.

Made with colored sheet glass, copper foil, leaded solder, vintage resin, and silver jack chain.

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