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About TGD

I'm Alex. I’m the maker, owner, creator behind The Glass Desert. I have been working with glass in some form since 2004. Originally from CT, I moved to Tucson at the end of 2005 and never looked back. I love the artsy feel, the friendly folks, the laid back attitude, and of course, the weather. It took many more years for my appreciation of the desert plants to bubble up. In 2012 I left a job in the glass arts and felt I had to do something more meaningful for our planet. I began learning about our strange Sonoran Desert flora and all the unique things that grow here. In a few years, I learned how to grow food in our desert environment, became a Certified Master Gardener, and created a homestead called Blanton Plantin' with my wonderful husband, Ray. I continue to cultivate an interest in strange and wonderful cacti and succulents and incorporate them into our homestead. Translating them into glass was almost instinctual.

I had been away from glass since 2012. When my friend’s father passed away a few years later, her mom asked me if I could finish a stained glass triptych he had been working on for their living room. He had completed two of the windows and passed away while working on the third. I completed and installed the last piece and in exchange their family graciously gave me his glass equipment. I finally got my studio set up in spring 2017 and have been creating unique stained glass cacti ever since.

I consider my work to be Modern Stained Glass - mostly 3-D pieces that aren't your grandma's stained glass. Each piece evokes the personality of our desert environment and allows people to bring a small piece of that home with them. They are great for plant lovers with green or black thumbs - wonderful home decor for the modern desert dweller.

In all of my life, I strive to live as lightly as I can. I think about every choice I make and how it will impact the larger picture - each plastic bag I refuse, each time I refill my metal water bottle, my choice not to have children. I bring these same ideals into my glasswork. Most of the glass I use is vintage, each cup is repurposed, and I use recycled packaging materials. Every piece utilizes recycled materials, so TGD's products are low footprint and high quality. When you shop TGD, you can be proud to know that you are doing good in the world and taking a small step to reduce our impact on the planet.

Check out this great

Meet your Makers article about The Glass Desert from Tucson.com from May 12, 2020!

What People Have Said

I have lost count of how many unique and lovely pieces I’ve purchased from this Artist. Alex’s work is always evolving, trying new designs that are always one of a kind and imaginative. Knowing that she implements sustainable practices makes it all the better. I might say I have an ADDICTION!! if it’s wrong, I don’t wanna be right ❤️🌵❤️ - Alaina C. 

I'm constantly impressed and amazed by Alex's creativity! The quality of her work and originality of her art is so authentic. I highly recommend her pieces for your home and as gifts...they truly brighten up ANY space!!- Jennica K.

I love the mix of quirky tea cups and beautiful stained glass. Have purchased a couple as gifts. Wanting one for my office now! - Kelly S.

Nice to see well made original ideas and a nice smile as well 😊 - Anonymous

I have a beautiful "cactus in a cup" on my windowsill and it makes me smile every morning! I've given several as gifts, too, and people LOVE them! Such beautiful and creative art. - Elizabeth T.S.

absolutely stunning work. ordered from out of state and she made it happen. it arrived in one piece and i am in love with it. worth every cent. definitely recommend. - Sylvia B.

What a beautiful collection. I just love everything Alex makes. Her style and creativity is beyond lovely. If you haven't seen her pieces in person, you really must! A perfect tribute to the Sonoran Desert we call home. 💜 🌵 - Rebecca W.

All her work is beautiful, artistic and top quality. She is always coming up with creative new ideas in design and containers. I couldn’t be happier with the beautiful piece that she did for me. I look forward to making more purchases in the future. - Cindie H.

Plart is one of my favourite small businesses located in Southern Arizona. Alex, the owner is insanely creative and talented. Plart's potted stained glass cacti and succulents offer the perfect solution for those who may have a less than green thumb or anyone who loves the look of colorful luminescent modern glass art. Over the past year the line up has expanded to include plant stakes, necklaces & earrings, business card holders, ornaments, suncatchers and more. My favorite are the saguaro pendants, I have a few different colors in my personal collection. If supporting small local businesses is of utmost importance to you and you LOVE stained glass and all things DESERT. Plart will become your favorite new shop! Like and follow on FB, IG, Etsy and if you are local, Plart items can be found at various gift shops and businesses around Tucson and many craft fairs throughout the year! Plart art makes the best unique gifts! - Megan T.


See more enthusiastic reviews in my Etsy shop.   

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