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I teach one-day Beginner Stained Glass classes about once a month, September-May. I hold 1-2 Intermediate / Continuing classes in the spring. Check my Online Store for upcoming class dates.


What Students Have Said


You were so helpful and informative - great class! -JM

I really enjoyed myself. You were very helpful and patient. Really fun class. -Anon

This was so much fun! The time went by quick and the tools and space were set up really well to flow from cutting to grinding to soldering. -CH

You're a fantastic instructor. Having been both a teacher and a student, props to you! -AP

You're a very good teacher! Good instructions, moved class along, yet let everyone go at their own pace. -SS

This was so fun. It was a great pace, I didn't feel rushed and I felt super supported. -Anon

Your humor, patience, and explanations/demos were great. I love your laid-back energy! -SK

Alex, thank you so much. My questions about safety were answered and I feel much more confident to start doing this at home. -JM

Alex, you're awesome! Such a patient teacher and so easy going. We had a blast! -Anon

I really enjoy the class and think you're a very good and very patient teacher. I gain confidence with each class. -ZN

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