Desert Sunset - Pink Tones

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Last year I did a Limited Edition Collection of Desert Sunsets. I decided to adapt one of the designs from that collection into an incense holder and am super happy with how it turned out. So much so that I decided to make this design in 3 different color ways! This piece is super dreamy in pink tones. There are so many great details in the glass sections - from heavily textured brown hills and other streaky browns to wispy purples and pinks and an iridescent sun. I just love how this beauty turned out - such a special piece. The incense stick is held securely by a tall wire coil.

Note - pink and purple glass is made with real gold so it is much more expensive than other colors. Thus the price of this piece is higher than the other 2 of this design.

Comes with a 12 pack of Sanctuary Incense by Desert Mystic Goods.

Clean gently with a soft rag with water or Windex.

Measures 9.25" long by 3" wide - irregular shape.
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