Milky Jade Flat Cactus

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I really love this piece and have held onto it for a little while - but now it's time for it to live with someone else. The glass pieces are just so milky and luminous, this cactus looks great in a windowsill or backlit. The flat cactus is composed of 3 varieties of milky glass - light jade, swirly jade, and deep jade. The piece has wire spines on one side of the glass seams, so it does have a "front" (no wire spines on the back of the piece). The mug is tall and large, white with a bold black stripe. The cactus is adhered into its upcycled mug and finished with real Sonoran desert sand.
This piece measures approximately 7" tall by 4.5" wide.
Each piece I offer is handmade by me in my little studio in Tucson, AZ. I use mostly recycled or upcycled components and work to have as little environmental impact as possible.
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